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PET CBD - Thoughts?


Hello Folks,

I recently got a pet and I was wondering about pet CBD. Nothing is wrong with my pup and she is a good girl. BUT I was curious about other animals and the experiences they have with CBD for pets. Have you ever given your pet CBD? Did they like it? What does it do for a pet? Looking forward to hearing from others :)


My dog Bowie has been in three different homes, and has some anxiety as a result. We started giving him CBD to help him relax, as we couldn't be petting him constantly, which is his preference. I am not sure what the brand is off the top of my head, but it is a small chew that works wonders. He is still energetic and playful, but is much less anxious and needy. It is really great to find a product that helps improve his life!

My cat, Hank, has cancer. Pet CBD has helped his inflammation and makes getting around a lot easier for him. He's a lot more comfortable now that he's taking it daily!

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