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Getting Started in Cannabis

“Pivot, PIVOT, PIVAHHHHT”- Ross Geller

Getting Started in Cannabis

Spent 20 years toiling in an industry that I thought met all my criteria…. Stable industry? Check. Growth opportunities? Check. Noble cause? Check. I was achieving success, climbing the ladder and winning the race. Then the real hits starting coming. A combination of personal (death of my father, my child’s coming out, health issues) and societal (2016 election, civil unrest, COVID) factors rattled my bones and splayed my soul. Months of personal searching and growth has led me to voluntarily walking away from traditional healthcare and going all-in on the Cannabis Industry.

Unfortunately like Ross, Rachel and Chandler, I’m stuck mid-pivot and looking to avoid sawing my proverbial couch in half.

Anyone out there have suggestions for strategic approaches to getting my formal start in the industry? I fear that employers may be thinking I’m too expensive to consider because of my history.

I’ve got a lot to offer and even more to learn so I know I may have to take a step a back and adjust my position in order to get this figurative couch up the steps.

In the meantime, I will not give up. Attending every webinar, studying data, learning my way around the industry, making contacts and applying for jobs. I know it will happen when the time is right if I can just get in position with the right “PIVAHHHT”!


This was an easy and relatable read!

Thanks Katie. I caught my kids watching that episode recently and couldn’t help but feel a connection. Some people talk about career pivot as if it’s a natural, free flowing activity. Surprise….It’s NOT! This is way harder than staying in a job/career that meets your economic requirements but doesn’t truly connect at your core. I remain hopeful and dedicated to the search. It will come!

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