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Prison vs. Millions: Cannabis is hypocritical

Social Equity

The cannabis industry inherently has a problem. Currently, there are people who are making fortunes, profiting off of the sale of legal cannabis. At the same time, there are people who are living behind bars in prison due to cannabis. According to Forbes, roughly 40,000 people are currently incarcerated for cannabis offenses. Why should people be able to profit off of something when others are suffering for doing the same thing? Especially after it has been legalized?

We are seeing steps being made in the right direction. New Orleans recently decriminalized cannabis and put there money where their mouth is and pardoned about 10,000 cannabis convictions. I hope more places will follow their lead!



Many states have rising social equity programs and volunteer oppurtunities! I would encourage everyone to research volunteering,non-profit organizations, and social equity groups in their areas and getting involved with those groups.

For example, some Bay Area resources to check out:

and check out podcast episodes on Spotify by searching "social equity" or "cannabis social equity".

There is still unfathomable amounts of work that MUST be done to correct a system that allows people to make billions of dollars by doing the same thing that was illegal and criminalized 40 years ago, and disproportionately affected Black and Brown communities. The War on Drugs was a war on Black and Brown people and we are still seeing those effects today: in the form of current incarceration, political disenfranchisment, and exclusionary policies that disallow these victims to participate in the current system making others millions. We must do better, and it begins with self-education and engaging in dialogue.

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