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Ive spent most of my adult life running large crews on high value projects. But, ive always wanted to " love and be always learning", at work. Ive grown mothers and cloned for years and now id like to do it full time. I maintained a 3.85 gpa in high school and college, so I learn and retain skills very well.

A dream job would be to work in a lab/greenhouse setting, taking genetic samples, gene splicing and propagation, cloning, and breeding. Im a big science nerd, but like getting my hands dirty too.

Currently, im working for The growers choice doing the above work plus de leafing, and harvest taking care of the Connected holdings properties.

I look forward to meeting you all and networking. Hopefuly, I can meet some of you at hiring fair in october.


Nat Milburn

Quality Control Specialist


Hey Nat,

It's great to hear about your experience. The entire process of growing and getting cannabis to consumers is beautiful. What you are a part of is one of the most important parts of the flower cycle. As the industry expands to new markets your skill set will be highly sought after. I've connected with you on Vangst. Send me a message and we can get a conversation going about furthering your experience.

Best, Analyse

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