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Pay$15.00 - $16.00 per hour

Job type:Full-timePart-time

Number of openings for this position

Schedule8 hour shift

Weekend availability

Monday to Friday - Holidays - Benefits - Employee discount

Job description: Have you ever considered a job in the medical cannabis industry? Our 100% compliant and legal collective is looking to hire people for Florist/Sales Associate positions!The primary responsibility of a Sales Associate is to assist patients to find their ideal medicine for any ailment. Previous experience and knowledge of cannabis is not a prerequisite for applying but is obviously useful. If you've never used cannabis before in your life and have no intention to this is probably not the job for you. You will be required to learn our full curriculum so that you'll be able to answer any question thrown your way. Outside of helping patients there are daily tasks to get done throughout the collective, so people expecting to do minimal work need not apply. For those of you with good work ethic and an appreciation for the plant you may have found your dream job!The 2 most important qualities required of a Florist/Sales Associate are compassion and efficiency. You need to be able to have a respectful conversation with someone about their medical needs, regardless of what they may be. You also need to be able to multitask seamlessly. We provide a friendly and happy work environment, and we expect you to extend that olive branch to whoever you're helping. At the end of the day, being a Floist is a niche customer service job. You will be required to stand for extended periods of time performing dexterous tasks while amicably assisting our patients. Please let us know any examples of customer service where you've excelled as they will absolutely apply here.This is a fully legal job however if you have any questions about the legality of working with us, please feel free to ask via email with your application. In your application please include your full resume, your current availability, verification documents and anything else that might separate you from other candidates. You must include a few documents to make sure that you are eligible to work with us. We need proof of California Residency (as either a photocopy of your state ID/driver's license OR a hard copy of a recent utility bill/housing lease with your name on it, absolutely OK to black out any private information) and proof of a doctor's recommendation to use medical cannabis if you have one (if you don't please let us know when you will get one or why you haven't yet), and please include a link to your social media (if not private) or a photo of yourself for verification.

We have too many people apply who are not eligible due to residency or try to use fake information and this step weeds out 99% of them.

We are located in Chatsworth and our working hours are (Mon-Sat.7:30am - 9:30pm) and (Sun 9:30am-8:30pm).

Please make sure that the driving distance to Chatsworth is feasible for you. We will respond to all applicants we are interested in via email to schedule an interview.

*Must be 21+ years of age to apply

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