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Seasoned professional, not sure where to start or turn.

Introduce Yourself

I have over 20years of customer service experience. I worked in a Las Vegas Strip, casino cage balanced over 25k daily. 3rd shift Cage cashier in New Mexico, verified Main cage of over 3.5 million. Was an Assistant Manager of Kinko's Las Vegas, Paradise. We ranked in the top 5 nationally 2 or 3 of those years. Help hire, guide, and train 30 or more team members.

As far as my cannabis experience goes, smoked for many years, grew, and used it to help m grandparents who suffered from dementia. I know the basics and fairly well. I also know growing, is not a career path for me.

I'm told no matter where I all and for what position, "we've gone with an inside candidate or someone with more cannabis experience. How can I gain experience when I can't get a position as a budtender?

I've been trying to get in since the 2010's, and I spent the last 8 months applying everywhere, and the only job offer I've received was to be a door-to-door canvasser to try and legalize rec. Ohio. It was such a bad working environment I wasn't even paid on time, or correctly.

I'm sorry if this sounds like a rant, or I'm being too down. I just want nothing more than to get started in this industry.

Thank you


Hi Marc,

You are not alone in the challenges on gaining access to roles and contacts that would give you the necessary experience.

The only suggestion I have is to consider reaching out to a staffing company that will do placements either with or without experience, specifically in a locale that is heavy in the cannabis industry ( think Northern California) . There are several staffing agencies that might be a place to start and they seem to have a huge variety of roles!

thank you, I happen to be in Michigan. To my knowledge there are none. Its indeed, or sometimes te company web site.

I even lurk here, but don't often see postings in Michigan for entry level, and it seems every time i apply for assistant manager, that's when it goes to someone with experience.

Again, thank you for your input, hopefully I'll find something soon.

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