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SoCal Graphic • Web • Video Creator, dude.

Introduce Yourself

Heyo! Chris McKee

Pandemic Problems are still out there! I'm remote in 805. LA accessible, SB, SLO- I have built a career out of lots of fortune 500, lots of startups, indy projects, I'm Senior Designer in Extreme Sport, Pro Sport, BioMedical, Military, Music, Automotive, Entertainment, Retail, Childhood Development, Education, Television/Film and 420 Industry experienced. Im a full service shop. A lot more about me, References available. portfolio at - >>

consulting • design • proven success • lets do work!


Hi Chris!

Thank you for posting here, and I must say, LOVE the creative background and experience you have! Your dynamic skills match those companies who are implementing Learning Management Systems for their teams, or are just diving into and maybe even rebranding on the Marketing side. These teams tend to need and seek out those with your experience in videography, web design, graphic design, and social media. Best part is most roles can be remote! Our Vangst blog on what's happening with legalization could point you to some states to consider as they may have remote positions seeking your expertise:

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