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I'd like some honest feedback about experiences utilizing staffing or recruitment agencies to FIND employment - as the candidate, not the employer, in the USA.

Has anyone in this community obtained a position through an agency? Not as a temp, not gig work but an on payroll employee.

What has been your experience working with agency recruiters as you navigate your job search? I'm not asking for you to name and shame but rather if this has worked out for anyone. And when/if it did work out for a specific role, do the recruiters stay in contact for other opps?

I have all my own stories to tell. But I can say that ghosting candidates and/or treating them less than is going to hurt these places in the long run.

Candidates remember how they were treated. Candidate experience matters. I dont get these recruiters and agencies. Doesnt your network matter? You get 100 responses to a role - 99 are not getting the position. Why do recruiters - specifically staffing firm/agencies not invest in the candidate experience?

Just like anywhere else and when those candidate get to positions where they need to fill a role, they will remember the agencies/firms and how they were treated. Totally not a threat and not advice - but what gives?

I refuse to believe this is simply because they are overrun by candidates and sheer number of applicants. With any level of competence and simple technology available in 2021, this...I want to know thoughts and experiences and that I'm maybe not alone in this?


Hello Amy,

I find that working with staffing agencies is often a roll of the dice. I've had recruiters be persistent and attentive to getting a role filled. On the other hand, I've seen recruiters set wide cast and only follow up with a few. With the industry and labor marketing being desperate for workers I think now is the time for people to follow up with companies directly. With recruiters being in such high demand I do believe they are overwhelmed with trying to get roles filled and keep head above water. I am located in Colorado and tons of dispensaries are hiring directly.

Be well!

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