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Getting Started in Cannabis

Starting in a retail role?

Getting Started in Cannabis

Is it a good idea to get a part-time retail cannabis job to help network and learn about the industry while searching for a long-term, full-time position with benefits etc.? Any potential drawbacks that you would see? Any other suggestions are welcome. Thx!


I have friends who work in retail roles (ex: working for dispensary or garden supply store)and have built a solid network of connections that has lead to a variety of opportunities. It's a great way to learn and have that face to face interaction to get to know successful people in the Cannabis Industry. A lot of times they are looking for quality individuals to join their team or help with projects. I don't see any potential draw backs working in Cannabis retail unless one doesn't want to be in the public eye and interact with many individuals on a daily basis.

Thanks, Sara. Yeah I was thinking the networking and learning about supply chain etc. would be pretty valuable but wasn't sure if you get pigeon holed in anyway. Like most things, probably what you make of it. Thanks for the reply!!

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