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Exciting news in Massachusetts

“Network, network, network. That’s the key component to this whole operation. Get in touch with people. Don’t give up, even if you get a no the first time. Keep knocking on doors. Because there’s gonna be a door that opens up to you, and you’ll be able to see your dreams realized with your business.”


Coree-Schmitz: Tomorrow (Thursday April 22) the MRA in Michigan is hosting a free webinar with business resources for its social equity program. Great chance to hear from regulators and get some support.,9306,7-386-79784-557214--,00.html


What are people's thoughts on these big MSOs really coming hard for Mass? Jushi paid $100Million to enter the market and AWH finally opened their flagship location. With such big players coming in, is that going to affect product quality or diversity in license holders? What are your thoughts on big vs small companies in an adult use market?

Whats the latest trends going on for the Michigan scene?

Thanks for plugging in Michigan, Taylor Vandevoorde!

Regarding Detroit's social equity program, otherwise known as the Legacy Program, applications are now on hold until May 27th as a result of an existing lawsuit.

The lawsuit Lowe v. The City of Detroit was initiated by a Detroit resident who claims the program discriminates against those who are not long-term Detroit residents (you have to have been a Detroit resident for at least 10 of the last 30 years in order to qualify).

Read more about it here:

Would love to hear thoughts!

Hi all! Figured I would jump in here with some other Midwest updates. After lots of deliberation in Ohio, they finally decided to move forward with a licensing lottery for medical dispensaries. In contrast to the standard application point scoring system we typically see in other competitive submissions, all applications that pass Ohio's minimum business, security and legal standards will be entered into a lottery and winners will be chosen from each of the districts where applicants indicated a desire to operate.

Wondering if anyone has seen any other State lottery licensing processes? I've seen its pretty common with certain Social Equity Licenses and city/county license processes but I rarely hear about it on the full state level.

Hi all - I am curious what the best dispenaries in Arizona are? I am visiting next month and love to checkout the top places.

I hope everyone is having a good week,

I have a quick question,

Besides purchasing to the Licsence in New Mexico,

What would one need in order to open a dispensary in New Mexico?

Taylor-VandeVoorde: Whats the latest trends going on for the Michigan scene?

Trey-Deck: I was also very interested in this as well! Looking to connect more with Michigan.

Michigan Event hosted by touCanna + Vangst

New Mexico already coming out of the gate hot! Can't wait to get down to ski in Taos, NM!

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