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Staying Positive After Constant Rejections

Getting Started in Cannabis

Getting into cannabis is hard. To get your foot in the door you might have to do multiple interviews to find the right fit and get denied from jobs you are overqualified for. Does anyone have any tips or tricks to staying positive during your job search?


Hey sister thanks for being bold enough to post this question.🤗

Maintaining a positive focus, is one of life's biggest struggles.

For me meditation really helps. Another way I find that lifts my spirit is to look at my efforts, pay attention to my continued efforts and find gratitude that against these odds I continue to strive forward step by step.

One of the best ways for me to maintain my positive outlook when it feels like there's no hope coming my way, is to reach out to another and offer of Love, support and encouragement ❣️

Thank you so very much for making this post!!😃

I too was feeling a little frustration until I saw your post, for We Are not alone. Your post was my chance to feel Joy and offer encouragement that you might to find joy.

Once you do get hired and You Begin connecting with the plants in whichever way you do, all the rewards will be yours.

Without the struggles which you are currently persevering through... I don't believe the joy would be as great.

Just smile with me now, is all I ask. For soon both of us will find dream career with cannabis.

Peace, N8

Ha ha, I guess I should check profiles before replying, looks like you have your position already😉.

Still, Thanks for writing this post. It really helped me🤠

i would probably focus on improving myself. Do research, listen to podcasts about the department you’re trying to enter. Practice your interview skills with a friend. Work on your resume. Keep applying even if you weren’t hired in the first round. Take a job in a related field. It’s always easier to find a job when you already have one.

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