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When I entered the cannabis industry my son was thirteen. He had grown up in the greenhouse where I worked since he was four. As excited as I was to explore this new job opportunity, I was also nervous about talking to my current employers, older family members, and mostly my son. I had built it up in my mind like it was going to be some big serious talk where he might call me out for being a stoner, and I would be a hypocrite for not encouraging him to partake at his young age. Luckily it wasn't as tough of a conversation as I had braced for. I explained that it's medicine for some very sick people in our state, and that I felt called to help. Then I asked if he had any questions. He did.      He wanted to know if he could come to work with me like he always had at the greenhouse, and of course the answer was no, he isn't 21 and that's the law. He asked if I would run trials at home like I always had for new vegetable varieties or workshop ideas. That one made me laugh, but sadly the answer was also no. I didn't have anyone I could ask for advice back then, so I'm glad there's a place like this we can talk about it. It seems like where I am most of the workers are young folks, but I expect as time goes on more of us will have children, and as they grow up the conversations will change. What advice would you give someone entering the industry on the topic of speaking with their children about their job?


Hi Korinne,

I completely understand what you're talking about. My husband and I have been in the industry for 9 years now and we have an 8 year old. We have always been very open about speaking about the industry we work in, the medical benefits of the plant, and using the correct terms for everything. The words Marijuana, Cannabis and dispensary come up OFTEN in our house. As well as "gummies" which you know well can peak a kids interest. We make sure she understand this is a "medicine" for adults and some adults like to use it for fun. "Just like mommies wine".

To people just entering the industry that have kids or maybe family members that are uncomfortable with it, I would say speak openly about it. Don't be ashamed. Speak about the benefits of the plant. How many people this industry has employed.

Great advice from both of you. Not currently working in the industry but wondering about that conversation some when the time comes. Thanks for posting.

As someone who doesn't have a child, I love hearing the insight on how parents will approach this topic (I got my degree in human studies and family development). It allows me to think of a script in my head just in case I'm ever around a child and need to answer a question with appropriate verbiage.

Check out Cannabis The Cat by Jerry Frye! A colleague came across this at an industry event. He's a character created to help teach kids about cannabis and to facilitate conversations between parents and children.

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