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There is no customer service like cannabis customer service

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I thought I would share a little antidote, I was vacationing in Denver back in September. I was staying in an AirBnb near Rino, but before I arrived there, I went to the local dispensary. I browsed and purchased a bouquet of products (edibles, prerolls, topical patches) all of which looked and smelled amazing.

After returning to the AirBnb, I decided to light up one of the house (dispensary) prerolls. It smells great and burned just fine, but it was rolled so tightly that it was like trying to take a hit out of a cocktail straw. I got roughly half way through that joint and only got a cumulative small puff (into my lungs) at most, so I put that joint back in the tube.

Now I was already planning on going back to that dispensary to get an edible beverage the next day, but I thought that I should go back that night and let them know my experience with their product. When I get there, I talked the same bud tender as before, and I mention how rough my experience was. The manager was near by and overheard our conversation. He immediately apologized and not only replaced the joint free of charge, he gave me a glass chillum on the house.

I was shocked at this point because it was just great customer service. In some ways though, it logically made sense because with other products, business usually like to have customer feedback especially if it was a negative experience.

It was just such a novel experience for me then it comes to cannabis. Basically imagine a similar scenario but in the black market, and you go back to your dealer dissatisfied about something he/she sold you. Awkward… 

As more time goes on and on, the old ways of viewing cannabis erode...

Cue the music…

Looks like we made it (Barry Manilow)


OH MAN! A joint rolled too tight is one of the most annoying cannabis experiences. It's like 'Why isn't this working!?!?!?!?'

Great to hear that the shop took care of you. Sometimes it can be a challenge or nerve-wracking to share a negative experience but it is necessary for improvement.

Good Cannabis + Awesome Customer Service = Happy Humans

Definitely true! There is nothing better than the customer service in this industry. My own local shop took excellent care of my partner and I when I was hit by a car at the end of last year. The shop knew us from the several times we'd been in together, so when my partner showed up without me and in distress, the manager helped him get what we needed for pain and everything else at record speed then gave us nearly half off everything. We didn't ask for it, they just did it. It was the nicest thing. Every time I've gone back since when the manager was there, they stop to ask how I'm doing and to see if I need anything new and how products are working for me. Can't wait to be a part of this industry!

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