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Getting Started in Cannabis

Tips from an HR Exec and Talent Manager for Getting Started in Cannabis

Getting Started in Cannabis

This is awesome! Thank you, Tracy!

Tracy-Jordan-25055: Hi There!

I have not yet introduced myself my name is Tracy and I joined Vangst about 2+ months ago as their corporate recruiter and now a talent manager. I have been working as a human resources executive in the California cannabis marketplace since the beginning of the "white" market or legalization. I've been extremely lucky working with some of the top brands in cannabis helping them create and build human resources departments, talent acquisition departments, and the operation side of the business.

So, I would love to share a few tips on getting your resume seen and potentially landing a new cannabis career.

If you have worked in the "black" market in cannabis and are trying to break into the "white" market be sure to include that experience on your resume or create what I call a cannabis-centric resume highlighting that experience. Although your experience was prior to legalization most companies want to hear about this experience. Especially when you are a grower, extraction artist, a budtender, etc. Not only do companies want to get a feel for your relative experience many of the hiring managers have also worked in the black market and they may be able to verify that experience with their own knowledge or network and will get you closer to the front of the line for that job opportunity!

Don't sell your experience short. To get a job in the cannabis industry you don't necessarily have to start at the beginning. Many companies are growing so fast that they have many corporate jobs that your relative experience may match. Some examples are sales, accounting, HR, legal, real estate, supply chain, logistics, government, and many more. Just ensure your resume is up to date, highlight your relevant experience, and make sure to include any "wins" for each of the roles and why they should hire you!

When screening and interviewing for a potential position most companies are looking for a "culture fit". They have reviewed your resume and have invited you for a screen or interview because your skills and experience match what they are looking for now they want to know if you would mesh well into cannabis culture. Start-ups aren't for everyone, so they will want to ensure that you are ready for that energy and drive. Cannabis culture is not corporate so if you tend to lean into more of a corporate environment and enjoy that cannabis may not work for you. When interviewing with a company make sure you can explain how your experience will be relevant, how you can help build and lead teams, and process and showcase your personality, energy, and passion about cannabis and the industry.

Working with a company like Vangst is a great jumping-off point in order to cut through the red tape in landing a job in the industry. Many of the roles that companies are hiring for aren't necessarily posted on job boards or on company's websites. Some are confidential posts and are recruited by agencies. Vangst only works in the cannabis industry so you are focusing your energy specifically on the marketplace you want to land and Vangst is an "OG" in the industry with a stellar reputation working for leaders in the industry, it's a great way to network and get matched with potential opportunities.

Those are just a few tips to get you started on getting closer to landing your canna-career!

I hope to connect and good luck in your job search!


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