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Transitioning from military to civilian

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I will be transitioning from the military next year and I will be moving do Denver/Aurora, CO. I made this profile to look for employment when the time comes as a part timer since I will be going to college for at least 3 years once I get there. I am excited to become a part of this industry and help it grow as much as possible. Do you guys have any course/book recommendations that will help ease my way into the industry.


Hey Eric, here is a few links that would help you better familiarize yourself with getting your foot in the door! I would definitely make sure to do some research regarding any type of federal restrictions and your millartary status. Since federal legislation is changing very slowly, its always better to make sure you understand the different types of stipulations one can see themselves having to deal with when entering the cannabis industry. While working in the cannabis industry, there are a lot of hurdles and obstacles thrown at any given employee or businesss because of the volatility in regulations and laws with such a rapidly changing industry. Also thank you for your service! I hope these links help. Good luck!

Thank you very much for the links I'll make sure to read up. Graciously my military status will be non existent since I'll be getting out of the military at 7 years and I will not be leaving as a retiree so I don't have a to worry about any federal restrictions as I will be 100% civilian at last LOL. Thank you again.

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