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Questions that Need Answers

What are some specific needs you see in the industry?

Questions that Need Answers

What are some specific needs or areas you see that need to be addressed in the industry? Are there some areas that you would like to see more growth in?


A co-worker and I were talking about this earlier today that even though a big Multi-State Operator (MSO) feels less desirable to patron because you want to go to an independent dispensary or boutique, these smaller companies are having a harder to hire because they can't offer benefits and tend to lack a defined work culture.

So from a recruiter POV it's easier and almost feels better to get someone hired at an MSO because a new worker will have access to not just pay but benefits and an environment that can maybe help foster them professionally.

So maybe collecting resources for mom and pop shops to easily access to help them research and to navaigate what benefits they can offer workers to stay competitive with MSOs. As well as teaching ways to define and build a successful work culture.

This will benefit workers by having more work options that not only help take care of their needs but aid in developing them as professionals within the industry. And companies benefit by having a higher retention rate of employees.

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