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What are the best cannabis newsletters to subscribe to?

Branding and Marketing

Hi! I love getting weekly newsletters from reputable sources to keep me in the loop of all awesome things going on in the industry. Specifically, news and campaigns that companies are doing. I really enjoy the one sends out. They are a cannabis PR company based in NY! If you haven't already everyone in cannabis marketing should subscribe!

I am always looking for easy-to-digest cannabis content. Does anyone in the community have any suggestions?


I recently did some research on newsletters and one that I have been enjoying in Ganjapreneur. Their format is pretty vibrant compared to others.

Check it out here if it piques your interest:

Thanks for sharing! I follow and

I also really like the Mattio Newsletter.

I am a big fan of Marijuana Moment and they have a focus on legislation

Coree-Schmitz: I am a big fan of Marijuana Moment and they have a focus on legislation

Thank you for sharing this one! I subscribed yesterday and received my first newsletter. I was really impressed to see how many bills are currently being watched.

I tend to use aggregators, like 420 Intel or Feedspot, but DEFINITELY add MJ Brand Insights to your list. They're a part of Jage Media, the company who produces MJ Unpacked. Worth a look!

Flowhub sends out a monthly newsletter with cannabis industry news as well as helpful resources for those working in cannabis!

I love following @beardbros_pharms on Instagram & subscribed to their newsletter they send out each Friday. They are super informative on current news and updates with what's happening in the cannabis industry.

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