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What factors come into play when selecting a strain?

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Aside from thc content, what other factors come into play when selecting a flower strain? What are people looking for?


THC is not the only factor that influences the effects of cannabis. CBD and other cannabinoids play a large role in the sensations and effects that one will receive from any cannabis products. Cannabis tends to have something called “The Entourage Effect” where the active chemicals that exist in cannabis interact with one another to create effects that the individual cannabinoids would not be able to create on their own. Studies have suggested that CBD when consumed in tandem with THC can reduce the severity of common THC side effects such as anxiety or memory impairment. So why would we just want to pump up one part of the equation when we can engineer a more pleasant high? Only having strong THC concentrations is the equivalent of putting a race car motor into an old 96 Honda Accord: It is powerful on paper, but the second you try to put the pedal down, the wheels fall off. In addition to this, a lot of users do not need incredibly THC heavy cannabis. It is a very common occurrence where people feel as if they have over-consumed after consuming a very small amount. Lastly, just because the flower may have high THC levels doesn’t mean that the bud is going to taste good. Also, terpenes play a huge role in the effects and benefits of a strain. Terpenes also benefit from the entourage effect, and can compound to create unique effects. Terpenes also influence the taste and smell of a strain, and it could be argued that they have the biggest influence on your experience while consuming. Next time you are purchasing cannabis, ask your budtender about what terpenes are in a strain!

Love this question! I'm personally someone who focuses on terpene profiles, grow methodologies and the morals of the brands I support.

If you're new to figure out the terpene profiles, I would recommend doing some research -- there are alot of great resources out there! After figuring out what terpenes aligns with the effect you're looking for, go to a dispensary and try some different products, specifically flower. Its always a good idea to use a little notebook to jot down what your experiences are so that you can really hone in on what you like/don't like.

When it comes to grow methodologies, there is alot of consider too. I personally only like living-soil grown cannabis, as well as solventless concentrates. To me, the more natural the product is the better.

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