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What I mean when I say share your Passion.

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I've offered that:

Passion being expressed can open many doors.

Yet passion is something that comes from deep within, passion is that which drives us forward to our goal.

One may offer desire or eagerness, though these may be found in passion, on their own desire and eagerness are not the same as passion.

True passion sends a glow about one that any around can see and are attracted to; thus passion cannot be represented or presented it is merely that which drives one along their path.

When I offered a quickest way to find your dream career is to be passionate I see perhaps I miss worded that.

So I will offer:

Consider what really is your passion?

Maybe the cannabis industry is not really where your passion lies and that's okay.

Maybe a career in the Cannabis industry is a strong desire but your true passion maybe video game editing, or spinning yarn.

Whatever your real passion is follow that path and you will find the joys you look for in your life.

If there is an aspect contained within the Cannabis industry that you're passionate about then follow that, let it out and share your passion.

This is my deepest offer as for how to get your foot in the door in the Cannabis industry.

For me I used to be on a passionate pursuit of the perfect nugget. Along my efforts I produced many very delectable and delicious flowers it drove me to encourage the plant a little further, a little stronger... As I pursued my passion to produce the perfect nugget.

for me the perfect nugget is yet still to be produced. So my passion still lives and thrives within Me and My heart.

So when I offered my post about sharing your passion it was not really an offer of hey I could get my foot in the door if I tell them that I'm passionate about growing marijuana.... Rather, I was offering that no matter what your passion is if you follow that path, sure there will be obstacles, yet the overcoming will produce the joy that is sought in this path leading toward your passion whatever it may be.

And so I stand with my original offer that following one's passion leads to one's greatest successful moments that produce an euphoric Utopia sensation strong within the self.

The reason why I encourage that is because from that point one expresses love and joy at a measure it is beyond noticeable almost intoxicating if nothing else inspiring to all witnessing that Express of Passion.

So no matter what field you're looking for.. throw the drive for money aside from your goal, dispense with the benefits you'll gain from your goal and follow your true passion.

In this you will find your true success that encourages others to find and follow their true passion.

All the best!

Peace, N8 💪🤠


Seriously, this spoke to me. I’m a person like most people who have to work to afford to live. But I don’t have to work somewhere I hate. I don’t have to placate a terrible boss, or break down my body working in unsafe conditions. I had a job I loved before coming to cannabis, it wasn’t about the money. Sometimes I think about the face of my late father. He was dying of terminal cancer and couldn’t eat. After a full day of taking him to chemo I was ready for a nice toke. He declined saying he was too depressed, but when I fired it up he look a few hits. Then he looked at me and asked if he could have a piece of apple pie and a scoop of ice cream.

I hope through the plants I grow I can help someone else’s loved one that way. And that’s what *i* mean when I say I have a calling to do this with my life.

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