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Getting Started in Cannabis

What is your Why?

Getting Started in Cannabis

Why are you interested in a career in cannabis? If you already have a role in the industry, why did you decide to make the transition? For as often as we talk about "what" we do and "how" we do it, what is your "why"?


Having been a part of an organization that has a long history of opioid addiction, trauma, misinformation, disinformation, and just plain apathy; I see being part of the cannabis industry as a chance to educate people about the many ways that cannabis supports people emotionally and physically. This plant has been used by people of all different backgrounds for quite some time for various purposes and I just want people to have that appreciation.

This is a great topic. Thank you for starting this thread. I am sure there is a capitalist in most of us, myself not excluded, that sees the immense opportunity. However, I believe it takes more than that. My "why" is tied directly to furthering the social change and removal of the stigma that we have put up with for decades. Working in Fine Wine for 15 years, one of my great joys was turning people on to something new. This applies to consumers and the decision makers / sommeliers at restaurants and retailers. I want to experience that satisfaction on a larger scale. I want to help people discover the benefits and enjoyment that are await the patient and responsible recreational user.

I've been in the industry 2 years now and I'm here because I see cannabis as the wild west. We are pioneers of an industry that's not even fully legal across the U.S.! Rules and regulations are being created around our recommedations, which I find really cool. There is nowhere to go but up and I love a challenge.

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