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What makes YOU passionate about Cannabis?

Introduce Yourself

Feel free to share any experiences or information that triggered your interest in cannabis! For me, it was learning about all of the benefits of it, health wise; for example I deal with chronic migraines and mustering up hunger some days, marijuana really helps me take care of my body when I need to. I have loved being apart of the movement that is helping de-stigmatize cannabis use as well! Productive stoners represent! :)


The cannabis industry to me is a new frontier. An uncharted place of healing and renewal for a spectrum of alignments from poor appetite to PTSD with minimal to no side effects.

I was lucky enough to be trained by a wonderful lady who has been making her own THC and CBD infused lotions for years. She has had lots of success helping people with topical products and had great anecdotes. Our bath bombs have been a success, and months ago we were approached by a doctor who was curious about stories he had heard of patients using our bombs for foot problems that come with diabetes. We began making an unscented bomb with no color/smell for this purpose and they really seem to be helping people! It makes my job feel worthwhile.

It is honestly the freshest market out there now. Ripe with opportunity for individuals passionate about changing the idea of health and medcine. Its a career path that faithfully provides opportunity, regardless of sex, gender, etc. This ever changing, ever growing market is the economic restart we have all been hoping for.

My love of plants brings me to the cannabis industry. I spent many years growing for the general horticulture industry, but once cannabis came to my state legally I just had to grow these magical lady plants.!

The culture surrounding cannabis is a huge part of what makes me passionate about it. People involved in the cannabis industry are some of the smartest, coolest, most innovative I've met! I look forward and enjoy getting started with my day because I'm working with individuals just like you guys with the same passion.

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