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For those of you working in the lab, I'm curious to know what level of education you have or how you gained the knowledge needed for the job. Did you start out in school for lab science? Or did you get experience on the job somewhere outside of cannabis and then transition over?

I'm on the manufacturing side of things making cannabis-infused bath bombs, salts, and lotion. My A.S. degree in Fine Art has nothing to do directly with my career, though I could argue being flexible and creative have come in very valuable!


I've been in the medical field over twenty years. Worked directly in the lab with the techs. I learned alot especially in micro. Would like to share my experience and make a change in my career.

I came from the business side and have a degree in finance and took my skills and transferred over. However, I was on the manufacturing side working for an edible in Colorado as opposed to lab extraction.

I do think that the industry experience now continues to help me be a more informed and active cannabis employee and I would have been excited to have found cannabis courses before starting in the industry however my education and skills transferred well

None really. most of the equipment manufacturers have sops on their equipment. some technical back ground is favored, for maintenance, and modification/retro fitting of equipment. Most companies do not want to pay a full on chemist.

Some testing facilities will pay enough for a chemist.

Do not get discouraged extraction and processing is hard grueling work. companies tend to hire the biggest strongest person due to the job requiring heavy lifting. If you are a physical person you will have no problem getting a job in production. There are female extractors but they are a hardcore group of females.

I know guys that had to (leave/quit/fired) because they could not keep up production schedule.

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