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What's your passion for growing? What lengths did you go to to grow?


Since I was 12 I have loved growing cannabis plants.

I remember coming home from school and seeing my stepdad feeding the cows my plants.

I got some plywood and painted it camo green, black and blue, climbed into tall willow trees where i fastened them as a platform to grow my next crop on. I made it through to harvest a couple of times growing up in the tops of Willow trees.

As a young adult I grew indoors, carbon filters ducted to the exhaust tirbines on the roof helped mask the smell in San Diego war zone against marijuana grows. One day I noticed the exhaust tirbine spinning really fast as the pump ble out the hot air from my grow environment. So i put a screw in it to stop the spinning.

I bought 200 gallon fish tanks and cleaned them in the front lawn where my neighbors could see. Many commented on how lush my lawn and trees were thinking it was due to the fish emulsion from cleaning my tanks. They didnt see the drain hose sticking out my dryer vent or think twice about me coming home with large bottles of C02.

As a medical marijuana patient in California there was no acceptance in those days, only jail time and property seizure.

In 2000 I began Mediclones Gardens, by 2006 I under attack by San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis and her agenda to eradicate All medical marijuana patients. The raid on my home officers found 14 plants, a scattring of dead clones and leaves in the grow room. Dumanis wtanted to make an example of me, since I demanded a jury trial.

So the D.A. claimed I had 98 plants,(counting each branch as a plant), sweeping leaves and weighing them in a pyrex pan they came up with 1.7 lbs of'processd' marijuana.

I spent 8 years in court. The result was a change in San Diego marijuana laws. Patients could grow up to 98 plants and have up to 2lbs of processes marijuana. Thanks Bonnie Dumanis for helping make a change for the better.

Wow, what a change it is today.

I sure hope to get a career growing at Copperstate farms in Snowflake AZ. I would love to be a part of a family of passionate growers and tenders there. (Without all the hassel of dealing with courts 🙄).

So I am curious, what lengths have you gone to pursue your passion in growing?

A Google for

Medical marijuana war veteran Nathan Archer

will provide more of my experiences in growing and the steps I took too continue growing this incredible plant.

Thanks, N8


Hey Nate,

My name is Taylor and I am a GIG's Recruiter for Vangst where I staff for Cultivation/Harvesting/Trimming/Packaging and sometimes bud-tending roles. I would love to set up a time to discuss your background and to see if what we have available works for you.

Feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected]


Taylor VandeVoorde

Hi Nathan! I went to the lengths of moving from my home state of Kentucky (my comfort zone) in 2011. Left behind family, friends, and a job I enjoyed to pursue the medical marijuana industry in Michigan. At the time it was a big investment and risk but was necessary in order to immerse fully into Cannabis cultivation. Michigan was the nearest legalized state with a Medical Marijuana program and still on the cutting edge working out all the kinks and "gray areas". Throughout the years I've learned and experienced so much and have no regrets! I cannot imagine myself working in any other industry and am so looking forward to see what the future holds for the Cannabis sector. Love the question- thanks!

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