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What sector of cannabis do you think will grow exponentially over the next decade?

Questions that Need Answers

From what I've seen many smokers who are getting a higher tolerance or find that smoke leaves them with a dirty feeling are switching to cannabis concentrates. The more clean nature of concentrates allows users to vaporize the product which allows them to cough less (if done at a proper temperature). What sector do you think will see a boom in growth?


Cannabis technology and ancillary businesses are positioned really to expand with legalization. Far less capital and licensing required, too.

I agree with you Danny. Given that "canna-tech" is becoming so huge and advanced, I think that people will lean towards a more minimal, "healthier" way to consume. For ex. like dry flower vapes opposed to rolling up a backwood

If you use Colorado as an example, then DEFINITELY concentrates. Case in point, In 2016 we had shatter and wax, and flower still accounted for the majority of sales. Enter live resin, rosin, diamonds, disti, sauce, pizza boxes, etc over only a few years. Medical users don't need the carbon in flower, just the oil. Also, it used to be unusual to find people who were dosing more than 1,000mg THC per day, now it's not unusual to see the cronically ill taking up to 3,000 or more a day, with amazing results. The future looks bright (if ai doesn't kill us first lol). -Bret

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