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Hey Korinne! I work in sales/recruiting and casual dress is the way I work! Most of us work remote currently, so I must say my comfy clothes are my go-to. When we head off to trade shows/conferences, meet with clients..etc - repping company apparel (shirt, hat..etc) or business casual is the way to go. :)

Hi Korinne,

I have worked in a few different settings and I can say industry swag (tee shirts, ball caps, etc...) are just about everywhere lol

In an office setting, as an HR Generalist, it was business casual, so mostly nice jeans, blouse/polo/button-up/ cardigans or jackets over tee-shirts

In retail, it was a lot of everything but most provide at least a couple variations of company-branded tee-shirts and I see everything from shorts to tights to crazy skirts etc...much more relaxed

And you are correct, majority of cultivation facilities provide scrubs or some sort of coverall, gotta keep that contamination out : )

Hi there. Great question. I would approach this a few ways. Lets say its for an interview with a company, no matter the role...dress well. Now, once you have to really depends on the role itself and the company culture. Some cannabis companies operate solely in casual wear, inlcuding the CEO so jeans, t-shirts, sweats would actually be expected and could be an added "perk" when applying.

Others in more "corporate" roles such as HR, Accounting, Legal, C-Suite, etc...will dress more business/business casual especially if they're taking meetings during the day.

For warehouse, production, cultivation, extraction they may have uniforms such as a lab coats, hairnets/hats, gloves, eye protection and closed toed shoes with non-skid for safety concerns. Underneath all of that would likely be a comfortable t-shirt and jeans.

Hope that helps!


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