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Getting Started in Cannabis

Where would my project mgmt & people skills be best used in the industry?

Getting Started in Cannabis

I have 8 years of project management experience - 6.5 in software and 1.5 in COVID-relief efforts in the public sector. I'm taking time now to decide what's next for me and I keep gravitating toward the cannabis industry - software, dispensary ops & design, inventory, etc. I'm willing and able to learn how to do any and everything but, due the cost of living in Denver, I need something that pays more than the starting budtender pay. Thoughts? Advise? Guidance?


Hello Valerie! With your skill set, I would suggest going after specific roles you'd like in cannabis. Many cannabis tech companies like Vangst, Dutchie, and WeedMaps hire for remote positions. I would get about 3 different job descriptions for cannabis-specific roles. Then craft your resume to match their desired skill set and your experience. When applying to roles be sure to personalize each resume as you apply. Getting a list of 10-15 companies is a good start. You can follow them on Vangst and when they post a job you will be notified and can apply quickly. After applying on Vangst you can also follow up with them directly if they have the job posted elsewhere also.

Being very specific in the role you desire and why your skill set fits will help you stand out. It is not enough to say 'you are passionate about cannabis' applicants really need to show how their professional experience can help achieve the role's business objective.

Connect with me on Vangst and I can get you in touch with some team members.

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