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Why is a legal resource guy here?

Introduce Yourself

My goal when I started my legal resource brokerage was to assist underserved and targeted communities. One of the targeted communities I have discovered, living is a fully legalized cannabis state, is employees and owners of cannabis retail and manufacturing businesses. There is an accepted discrimination legally, financially, and socially that having an affordable legal resource can combat.

There is a great deal of “that is not how it should work” or “that is not legal” instances that people who gain their livelihood from the industry face. I have collaborated with individuals who had agreed subject to a credit check on a rental home that suddenly were rejected because of where they worked. Experienced divorces and child custody cases that took the cannabis employed parent’s career into negative consideration when deciding outcomes. I am here to protect and empower anyone who has found out the hard way that we received exactly as much justice as we can afford, and cannabis workers are not being treated like the upstanding, ordinary citizens they are.

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