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You're Hosting a Cookout - What's Your Preferred Consumption Method?

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It's Labor Day and I imagine plenty of people across the U.S. are getting together to cook out or just hang. I'm still new to the culture and was wondering are there such things as proper pairings for certain events? This case being an old fashion cookout.

So I'd love to hear from anyone willing to share their choice and the reasoning behind it.

For me, since I'm usually the one cooking, a dessert edible sounds like a nice cherry on top of a good meal and easy segway into relaxing among friends.

Thanks for sharing and hope everyone has a great rest of their holiday.


I definitely like to smoke joints if i'm at a barbecue setting; I love the social aspect of it. But I am always mindful of children and where I choose to consume!

I've always been a fan of smoking a joint, especially outdoors! But lately I've been trying more edibles and love making cannabis "cocktails." Ray's Lemonade makes awesome bottled drinks that are delicious and they just started making them in tiny bottles with the same dosage. Those are great if you fancy yourself a mixologist like me! I replace alcohol with Ray's and make a mixed drink like any other. That way I'm not sending smoke signals but others (especially minors) understand that I have an adult beverage.

I came across a nifty new (to me) way to consume, and that's through tablets and/or dissolvable powders. I've heard these work great for airplane travel because they are ignored by screeners, as it looks just like any other medicine you might take on a plane trip.

I've tried them at home (10mg/pill or packet), and they work pretty well, much like a gummy. It takes 30-50 minutes for it to take effect, but the effect lasts several hours. However, the powders have a very bad aftertaste, even when mixed with flavored drinks. My advice - stick to the tablets if you're wanting to try these. :)

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