Providing innovative solutions to crop consultation.

At Agrarian Supply, we provide agronomic sales and services utilizing data from 30,000+ cannabis tissue, water, and soil samples taken across 100+ farms spanning 1,200+ acres combined with a massive database of historical geological and weather data to help our farmers build data-backed, information-driven farm plans with our patented, scientific approach.

Our site-specific pest management and prescription fertilizer programs produce reliable and replicable results, beating industry average harvest weights by 20+%. Our farm planning process takes into account regional pest pressure, weather, soil, and other conditions, then factors in your budget and weight/cannabinoid targets to create the best possible farm plan for your land, needs, and goals. Agrarian Supply has decades of institutional knowledge, a best-in-class cannabis think tank, vast infrastructural resources, and competitive pricing that places us firmly at the forefront of a changing landscape.

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