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All Natural Solutions

Here at All Natural Solutions, we feel we offer a better way to medicate. I've been in hundreds of dispensaries, and was for the most part disappointed. I felt like they wanted my money and me out of the store as fast as possible. Most of them couldn't tell me much , if anything, about the flower on their shelves or anything else in the dispensary. In my dispensary, the first thing we want to know is what brings you to medical cannabis, what are you trying to alleviate? I pride myself in having budtenders with extensive terpene knowledge, what terpenes which strains carry, and what individual terpenes help or exasperate which problems. If you are just looking for an "awesome high", I got you; however, if you are truly looking to cannabis to alleviate a problem you have, we feel we are the dispensary for you! We will take the time to sit down and talk to you and build a profile based on your individual needs. Medical Marijuana has gotten me off all 18 prescriptions that the V.A. had me on. I truly believe in the healing capabilities of this plant, and truly care about my customers getting the product and knowledge that they need.

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