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Best Buds Puerto Rico

Through constant innovation and adaptation to our customer’s needs, Best Buds has positioned itself as a top industry provider. From our cultivation facility to laboratory and dispensary, our products are handcrafted by people who care deeply about the end product and user.

From flowers to concentrates, tinctures, and edibles, Best Buds Medical Dispensary caters to a wide range of needs and tastes. We pride ourselves in providing people with the highest quality cannabis products at affordable prices. At Best Buds, our friendly and incredibly knowledgeable staff strive to build a personal relationship with each customer. As a result, Best Buds is able to offer consistent, successful treatment and industry leading customer satisfaction.

Best Buds’ indoor, fully automated, and climate-controlled grow facility spans 50,000 square feet of pristine commercial space. Here, using natural feeds, we are able to cultivate our cannabis in the best conditions possible. With over three decades of field experience, our expert growers have completed extensive hydroponic farming training and battled through trial and error to obtain the best cannabis genetics possible.

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