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City Sessions

City Sessions Denver is a cannabis lifestyle brand that specializes in private custom experiences of the cannabis industry with an educational focus. Servicing four main demographics; first time consumers, regular consumers, industry investors and medical patients, we provide a full immersion education on the plant and product line. In addition, we teach our guests how to navigate the product line for their own unique body chemistry to enhance an experience or aid in an ailment.

City Sessions has been running private cannabis tours in Colorado since 2014. With a focus on education, we offer private tours to a wide range of cannabis enthusiasts from experienced consumers, to new cannabis curious patrons, and those that are exploring cannabis for medical reasons. We focus on educating our guests on the plant and product line and how to select products and strains based on the desired effect the individual is trying to achieve. We also specialize in the city of Denver and it’s many neighborhoods and hospitality, as well as sightseeing locations on the front range.

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