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Vangst’s product line is designed with the unique needs of your cannabis business front of mind.

Vangst has spent years developing relationships with the world’s leading cannabis companies and nurturing motivated talent. The result? A product line designed to help you grow your business to its fullest potential.

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    Tell us about your employment needs.

    Whether you’re looking for a temporary, part-time cultivator; several options for the right regional sales manager; or a vetted VP, Vangst will help you find the right match. Our product line was designed with the unique needs of cannabis companies front of mind.

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    Post jobs and view applicants. Show our network who you are: Post your values and mission, benefits, perks, social media links, and photos of your team at work or play.

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    Set up a career page and boost your jobs for more options.

    A career page gets you noticed, and our Job Booster product disseminates job postings across our proprietary network of career-content sites, generating a bigger return without the need to spend money and time at multiple job boards and websites.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Dispensary Jobs: Types, Requirements, and Tips for Success

Your Ultimate Guide to Dispensary Jobs

Vangst, 2023-03-23

Discover the different types of dispensary jobs available, the requirements to get hired, and tips for success in the cannabis retail industry with our ultimate guide. Increase your chances of landing a job with Vangst's resources and connections. Get educated, get certified, and network your way to a fulfilling career in the cannabis industry.

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Vangst has been an integral part of Holistic’s rapid growth in the cannabis industry. In just four years, Vangst helped us move from 100, to now, more than 800 employees. Throughout that time, Vangst has always maintained clear and consistent communication channels. From assisting us with direct hires and temporary GIG placements to helping boost our job postings on their site for better visibility, Vangst displays a willingness to go above and beyond for their clients.Holistic IndustriesLogo for Holistic Industries

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