HERBL is the leading cannabis supply chain solutions company in the largest cannabis markets in the U.S., serving 900+ storefronts across California and Nevada. Founded in 2016, HERBL brings the top cannabis retailers and best-selling brands together through innovative technology, unparalleled service, a dedicated sales team, and high-security, state-of-the-art facilities and fleet.

Only HERBL has the supply chain expertise, highly-scalable infrastructure, and Tier 1 technology to help brands and retailers grow and scale—with speed and ease. Our exclusive brand partners include the #1 selling flower, concentrate, shatter, hard candy, and tea & honey brands. And unlike a third party logistics (3PL) company, we own the inventory, have 30+ full-time account managers in the field selling, provide marketing support, and distribute to over 900+ retailers across California and Nevada.


Mission & Values

Unrelenting Excellence

We are committed to delivering exceedingly great services that create loyal customers, appreciative brands, and happy employees.

Passion for Cannabis

We believe in the power of cannabis and want to make it more accessible to everyone. We honor the legacy of California cannabis while we help create its future.

Unwavering Integrity

Trust and transparency are paramount in this complex, ever-changing industry. We do business with complete honesty and authenticity.

Flawless Execution

We say what we do and do what we say. We have the courage to take action and ownership of our words, deeds, and results.