Discover Lightshade, Colorado’s premier dispensary, serving medical and adult recreational cannabis consumers since 2011. Visit one of our 8 Colorado Front Range dispensaries – located in Denver, Aurora, and Federal Heights.

We’ve proudly earned a reputation for cultivating superior-quality cannabis in Colorado, offering the highest THC levels in lab results for our proprietary strains, and have been recognized by LeafBuyer, Leafly, Business Insider, Westword, and Rooster, for our excellent customer service, superior products, and competitive prices.

Lightshade has also proudly earned a reputation for providing our customers with an outstanding experience from the moment they pass through our doors. Our passionate, knowledgeable, and professional budtenders have set the bar for other dispensaries to follow.

As a Colorado company, Lightshade has also committed to providing support to the community in which we live through intentional and engaged community investments, volunteer days, and fundraising efforts.

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