Megans Organic Market

Megan’s Organic Market (MOM) began in 2010 as a medical cannabis cultivator and delivery service with the mission of “Making Cannabis Wholesome”. Today MOM operates the City of San Luis Obispo’s first cannabis storefront, 2-acres of cannabis cultivation in San Luis Obispo County, and 3 cannabis product brand lines.

We’re committed to carrying only the best and the brightest products, to providing our customers with the highest level of service, and to redefining society’s relationship with cannabis through community building, responsible stewardship, and education. License #: C10-0000728-LIC

Mission & Values


Making the world a better place starts with the community we live in. MOM is dedicated to charitable causes and doing good.


Our employees, products, store design, client experience, brand aesthetic, marketing campaigns, and every other facet of our business reflects our commitment to breaking society’s negative stereotypes of cannabis use, users and industry workers, and, in turn, cultivating trust and leading by positive example.


MOM is committed to a high level of corporate responsibility, setting a standard for this new and emerging industry.

Holistic Growth

We strive for the total thriving of our organization, and the members within it. We promote from within, we invest in our employees, and we encourage a work-life balance.


Business and the community benefit from a more educated world. MOM strives to spread knowledge and understanding.

Benefits & Perks

Career Advancement
Career Training
Company Discounts
Dental, Medical, & Vision Benefits
Gender Neutral Facilities
Inclusive Environment
Paid Time Off to Volunteer

Available Positions


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