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MJ's Market

Based in North Grafton MA, MJs Market is a Vertically Integrated Cannabis Provider focused on health, healing, recreational, & medicinal use. Our unique approach to customer service sets us apart from the competition, allowing our customers to make informed decisions and delivering a one of a kind buying experience. With a business model around supporting the local community, we look forward to seeing you soon! We are a family run business and we are currently in the process of opening our first location here in Grafton. As we do so, we will need to build a team of amazing individuals who are going to propel us to become the premier provider in Massachusetts. We do things a bit differently! Our focus is on customer experience, and we hope to become a cannabis destination in MA. Through our concierge-style approach, we will offer the consumer the ability to interact with and understand the products they consume on a deeper level. Offering competitive pay structures, and compensation plans for our Cannasuers we intend on separating ourselves from the market and allowing our customers to "Elevate their High"

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