Reverie 73

We, Reverie 73, are more than a cannabis dispensary. Our management team has expertise in the cannabis industry and decades of experience in retail operations and marketing. We have created a comfortable space for all guests to explore their cannabis curiosities. Our knowledgeable Muses will assist you whether your quest is to purchase your normal "go to," or to be adventurous and try a new cannabis product.

As we build our retail teams, we are looking for talented individuals who have the drive to excel in the cannabis industry and are willing to provide extraordinary customer service. Reverie 73 wants all staff to lead with respect and kindness. We are striving to be known for our curated customer experience and selection of quality products. Our knowledgeable staff will take pride in their work and put the needs of our customers first. Reverie 73 is committed to providing the highest quality service in a safe, welcoming, and engaging environment that fosters mutual respect, responsible use, and supports our community.