Mission Green Retail Training

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This video offers a comprehensive education on the history of the War on Drugs and the ongoing impact it has on minority communities, particularly those incarcerated for cannabis-related offenses. Learn about the ways you can support federal cannabis reform through Mission Green, and help make a difference. We also take a deep dive into the resources being provided thanks to donations and how they are being used to help those in need. Join us in taking action towards justice and equity for all.

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Part 1 Overview:In this video, we explore the history and background of the Weldon Project and how it got its start. Founded by Weldon Angelos, who himself was imprisoned for cannabis possession, the Weldon Project aims to provide assistance and support to those serving unjust sentences for nonviolent drug offenses. Weldon shares his personal story and the inspiration behind the mission of the Weldon Project, which seeks to bring awareness and reform to the criminal justice system. Join us in learning about Mission Green, the Weldon Project's ongoing mission to promote justice and fairness in the United States.

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