CAG Medical Dispensary • Oklahoma City, OK

Posted May 03, 2021


We want a Grower to maintain the entire growth process. The grower must be able to come in and maintain and operate the entire seed to sale process.


-Successfully handle entire seed to harvest life cycle -Someone to come in and work hard with a dedication to cannabis -Run Grow without much direction from the owner -Maintain 1,200 sq foot grow -Inhouse grower to maintain and grow all plants -Passionate about the plant -Managing paperwork and all managerial processes

Physical Requirements

-Someone who can be on their feet and stay mobile while working -Be able to lift up to 50 lbs while harvesting in the grow

Working Environment

-Outdoor 1,200 sq foot farm


-Some with extensive grow experience. -2+ experience with growing in cannabis


High School Diploma or equivalent

About CAG Medical Dispensary

CAG is a family-run business and has been owned and operated by Daniel for 2 years. CAG has a 1,200sq foot grow, which handles all seed to sale processes, which is then sold in the dispensary in Oklahoma City, OK. The dispensary is 1,400 sq. feet. Team culture is very family-oriented and we are looking for individuals to join our team who are passionate about cannabis and want to help patients with all cannabis-related questions and inquiries. CAG expects new hires to work hard and have a passion for all things related to cannabis. Looking for a team player who is able to follow directions and work well with other employees.

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