General Manager - Baltimore, MD

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May 27, 2020
Employment Type
Company & Role Overview


The General Manager's duties are to serve as a representative of the ownership of the shop and to oversee all ongoing operations of the business. Under the direction and guidance of the owner of the shop and the owner’s assistant and COO, the GM has ultimate responsibility for running the daily operations of the Medical Dispensary. That responsibility includes assuring all aspects of good business practice are employed.
Some of those key business aspects include: assuring Dispensary compliance with all MMCC regulations, ensuring all possible safety measures are implemented and enforced, ensuring the best possible customer service experience is delivered to all patients, ensuring all staff are positively motivated and managed to their highest potential, and ensuring the maximization of sales and stock management. The GM reports to the COO and CEO (the owner and assistant) only. The General Manager (GM) assists in all aspects of daily operations. The GM will have primary responsibility for leading and developing a team to implement and continuously improve the customer experience and operational initiatives. The GM must be knowledgeable of regulatory requirements and state/local law, must stay abreast of all key developments within the industry and MMCC, and ensure processes are followed in full compliance with all state laws and regulations. The GM must affirm loyalty to the shop, the owner and COO and assure compliance with established policies. The GM must act with the most discretion and have a working knowledge of HIPPA requirements and follow those.

Working Environment

Positive, supportive environment

Flexible hours including weekends and evenings

Role Requirements


Utilizes management information tools and financial reports to identify and address trends and issues in district performance

Forecasts Medical Dispensary needs and initiates consistent discussions of the needs of the Dispensary with the COO and CEO

Reviews store environments and key business indicators to proactively identify problems, concerns, and opportunities for improvement

Develops and presents requested reporting on time and on a regular schedule as requested by the COO or CEO

Monitors and manages management and budtenders staffing levels; Ensures management-level colleagues’ development and talent acquisition in order to achieve and maintain superior operational requirements

Responsible for supervision of physical building including all financial and compliance aspects are addressed including overseeing repairs and stocking of all supplies

Reviews all cameras regularly but no less than once daily ensuring theft prevention, and employee compliance

Plans, identifies, communicates, and delegates responsibilities to the store management team ensuring the smooth flow of operations within the company

Never allows and immediately addresses and reports harassment or any inappropriate behavior of any person in our shop

Under the direction of the CEO and COO, assists in hiring, onboarding/offboarding, coaching, training, developing, scheduling, and managing dispensary employees, including conducting regular performance reviews and counseling sessions

Implements outreach/hospitality programs designed to bring in more customers and to increase customer loyalty through networking, customer and market data analysis and execution of company promotions and programs

Assures the dispensary motto and philosophy of “we are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen” is adhered to in all dispensary aspects

Proactively develops proper relationships with and serves as liaison with law enforcement, local and state officials, vendors, and local community for the benefit of the dispensary

Assures the guidance and philosophies of the Owner and COO are incorporated into the day to day running of the dispensary

Always assures any employee issue that may result in dismissal is first discussed with the CEO and COO

Coordinates and facilitates all the store’s transactions and operations

Assures the Owner’s directive of zero tolerance for harassment of any type is always monitored and addressed

Assists the store managers and Dispensary manager with any items, situations, or assistance he or she can provide without going to ownership; However, brings any serious issues such as theft, discipline, any type of harassment, or potential compliance violation to the immediate attention of the COO and CEO; Seeks the input of the COO and CEO on any matters that may involve legal, POS/product compliance, safety, financial, employment, neighborhood, MMCC or customer service issues

Oversees METRC compliance on any/all issues, provides ongoing in store training, and oversees all proper data accumulation

Creates implementation plans achieving both operational efficiency and optimal results. Follows up consistently ensuring all staff show accountability to plans

Develops and motivates the Store Management Team and all budtenders to implement Dispensary operations plans

Develops an environment supporting outstanding customer experiences; Educates the store management team, and all budtenders in techniques designed to support delivering outstanding customer experiences during each and every customer contact

Ultimate responsibility regarding; inventory, merchandising, forecasting, and vendor relations

Oversees and assures POS system expertise, and training for all staff

Responsible for the overall appearance and performance of the Medical Dispensary location

Serves as liaison between grow and processor facilities; Actively cultivates and maintains positive and supportive relationships for the Dispensary within the entire MJ community

Responsible for ALL WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS AND SALES (Cannabis products, packaging, accessories, etc.)

Develops on-going sales training for staff designed to promote high customer experience standards and customer service engagement

Works to ensure a positive, happy, and efficient staff; Alerts COO and SEO of any negative or potentially problematic situation involving staff

Responsible for the safe and efficient delivery and pick up of any cash, product, supplies or needs that the Medical Dispensary store must have in day to day operations

Double checks all drawer count reports assuring financial compliance and accuracy

Assures safe and discrete handling of all cash for Dispensary

Responsible for the overall adherence of policies and procedures, compliance, cleanliness, and overall customer experience

Inspires staff to deliver the highest level of customer service and most positive experience possible

Implements company policies and ensures staff adhere to best practices

Maintains a friendly, courteous, and professional demeanor at all times

Ensures the safety and satisfaction of all customers and employees

Works with accounting to assure the company is meeting all compliance and good business accounting practices requirements

Physical Requirements

Ability to operate in a fast pace environment while maintaining a positive upbeat outlook and supportive work ethic with colleagues and patients

Ability to withstand long hours on the computer

Ability to stand long hours

Ability to lift 50 pounds with no ill effects


Demonstrates an understanding of accounting principles and an ability to interpret financial data

General medical marijuana product clinical and use counseling skills should be demonstrated

Must have an ability to handle confidential and sensitive information

Has skills in building positive and supportive relationships

Demonstrates a positive and supportive approach to management and as a personal philosophy

Demonstrates excellent communication and customer service skills

Has strong organizational, operational and planning skills

Has a strong knowledge of the products available and which are the best moving products

Has a strong working knowledge of business processes and system development

Demonstrates passion to serving the medical cannabis community

Has experience working under pressure in a complex, fast-paced environment

Has experience analyzing financial reports

Must have a strong sense of loyalty and express that loyalty to the owner, the COO and to their objectives

Demonstrates an ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing

Be a self-starter who demonstrates a proven ability to manage teams effectively

Demonstrates computer operating skills commensurate with all needs of the dispensary

Has ability to pass all required background checks required to work with cannabis

Has a minimum of 3 years of retail experience, preferably in the bar tending, restaurant or hotel industries or applicable experience of like nature

Must be at least 21 years of age


Holds a bachelor’s degree (or commensurate experience)