Wise Guys Farms

Greenhouse Technician - MI

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Aug 19, 2021
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Responsible for Cannabis plant cultivation practices including cloning, watering, trellising, pruning, planting, spraying and tracking of plants in an indoor/greenhouse in compliance the state laws including Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) 21 years of age or older $15-$18 an hour; based on experience


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Working Environment

Ability to pass an MRA-required background check

About Wise Guys Farms

Wise Guys Farms is a Mid-Michigan company started by founders that have decades worth of cultivation experience focused on producing Michigan's best outdoor and greenhouse flower.

Role Requirements


Tracking greenhouse production and compiling inventory necessary for greenhouse to operate

Supporting crop development and experimental research

Completing general greenhouse maintenance and upkeep

Executing and documenting greenhouse SOP protocols

Maintaining and recording root temperature, pH, light, water and plant nutrition for plants

Maintaining a small hydroponic garden utilizing either coco or rockwool as a planting substrate

Planting a variety of hydroponic Cannabis strains and drying curing, packaging and distributing cannabis products

Calculating and preparing hydroponic stock solutions for a hydroponics system to further research while also measuring pH and EC

Diagnosing plant health problems due to disease or insect damage

Maintaining plant health through proper mixing of nutrients for plant food

Maintaining plant health through proper watering schedules and intervals

Maintaining plant health through proper understanding of root zone EC

Recording pest control activity into activity reports according to all applicable laws, regulations and departmental policy and practices

Creating and implementing advanced Integrated Pest Management practices

Utilize Canix and METRC to ensure compliance with regulations

Establish and maintain productive working relationships with people inside and outside the organization

Other duties as may be assigned

Physical Requirements

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3+ years of plant cultivation experience, preferably in the Cannabis industry

Experience with greenhouse operations, hydroponics, plant health and plant pest control preferred


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