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Sample pick up driver - San Diego/southern california, CA

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Apr 20, 2021
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Required Licenses
CA:DCC License
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Cannabis test only labratory with state of the art technology has positions open for Drivers. To pick up samples from clients according to California Cannabis Bureau regulations. Can call Robert M 619-770-9514


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Working Environment

mostly on the road in southern California

About Verity Analytics

Verity Analytics is a leading provider of analytical services for all cultivators, producers, manufacturers, and distributors of cannabis products in California. Verity was founded in 2018 with a mission to continually innovate and set higher standards for the cannabis testing industry. Our leadership team integrates industry best practices with the most cutting-edge methodologies to measure the safety and purity of all products containing active cannabinoids and terpenes.

We are excited to evolve with this industry and will continue to analyze and research cannabis to improve our understanding of this diverse and potent plant. There is so much pharmacology yet to be discovered and we aim to be a part of this revolutionary time in plant medicine.

We utilize the world's most advanced technology built by Thermo Fisher Scientific instruments. Verity Analytics approaches cannabis testing with extreme importance and takes the responsibility seriously. Our customers rest assured that they obtain the most accurate results obtained by a highly qualified team working in a sterile environment free from contaminants.

Role Requirements


To pick up samples according to BCC regulations from client in Southern California. Must have clean driving record.

Physical Requirements

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Must have extensive cannabis collection experience


high school or equivalent diploma