Precision Plant Molecules

Organic Chemist - Denver, CO

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Jul 13, 2021
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Organic chemists - post-docs, chemists with experience from techs to PhDs. PPM, located in Denver Colorado, is growing and requires all levels of process and R&D chemists. Join the leading global producer in +kg scale minor cannabinoids (non-THC) and team with pharma veterans, medicinal chemists and 99% purity processing experts. Must have US work permit. Salary $50K to $100K depending on experience.  Please send credentials to [email protected]


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About Precision Plant Molecules

PM’s R&D scientists have pioneered advanced, hybrid processing techniques encompassing chromatography, distillation, extraction, filtering, conditionally dependent changes (including oxidative, pH, and UV), and other methodologies. Our multidisciplinary scale-up and production team has designed proprietary separation, isolation, and purification equipment and then optimized processes to produce highly refined, >95% to >99% pure cannabinoid isolates.

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Organic synthesis, purification, distillation, SOPs, Analytics

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