Influencer Marketing/Fulfillment Manager (Remote) - Los Angeles, CA

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Feb 01, 2021
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An extrovert online and offline, we’re looking for someone who loves creating and engaging in the community. This hire will be dedicated to building relationships with influencers and brands and making sure both parties are successful in their campaigns. You will also be involved in coordinating with the sales and marketing stakeholders to come up with creative opportunities. You will need to have high-energy, excellent communication/photography skills, and demonstrate strong critical thinking skills. Previous experience in community management, influencer marketing/agency work, and/or the cannabis industry is a plus.


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Working Environment

This is a Remote job

About AMNESIA media

Influencer marketing for cannabis & CBD with compliance AI baked in.

Role Requirements


Represent our values, mission, and personality while guiding influencers and brands as they launch marketing campaigns on AMNESIA.

Support our customers should they require assistance in launching new campaigns.

Responsible for campaign fulfillment and creating campaign proposals.

Responsible for educating influencers about our compliance standards and maintaining those standards with all content creation.

Responsible for maintaining a high standard for influencers and their content + performance on the platform.

Responsible for making sure campaigns are on-track with customer expectations and our internal KPIs, using a data-centric approach.

Generate monthly reports tracking KPIs for community and customer success.

Influencer community development.

Liaise with the marketing team on influencer acquisition strategy.

Learn intimately about the cannabis and influencer marketing sectors and identify/pursue opportunities.

Physical Requirements

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Previous experience in community management, influencer marketing/agency work and/or the cannabis industry is a plus.


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