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Head of Operations - Ceres, CA

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Feb 25, 2022
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We’re on the hunt for someone quite special. A new leader for our organization, a loveable drill sergeant. Our operations director will help continue to build and scale our manufacturing facility and serve as a partner to our Chief Science Officer. The Director of Operations is responsible for the effective and successful management of labor, productivity, quality control and the implementation of safe and efficient processes and practices across the manufacturing organization. Their immediate focus will be on establishing the basics as it pertains to expectations with the existing team, helping manage best-in-class manufacturing processes and protocols to continue to build a strong, passionate and performance driven culture. In parallel, help the executive team with an audit on the current state of our facility and recommendations on how to improve and invest for the future. Having said that, recommendations does not necessarily mean solely spending money to fix problems. We believe there are things we can do organically first, in addition to some investment areas as we scale for expanded growth throughout the year. Culture is also core to the role of Operations Director. Our new Operations Director needs to lead by example, support the team and inspire them to deliver amazing products in the most efficient way possible.


$100.00 - $125.00 / year

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About Kase Manufacturing

Kase Manufacturing is a fully licensed cannabis extractor, manufacturer and distributor of cannabis oils and distillates as well as the CBD tincture line Jayden’s Juice. We have an exciting opportunity for you to be a part of a fast paced, fast growing start-up in the cannabis industry. Located in Ceres, CA, between Modesto and Turlock, we are looking for energetic and passionate team members for our management team. We are continuously looking to improve our operations by empowering and developing our employees.

Role Requirements


Your profile:

● Degree in Business, Operations Management, or related field ● Knowledge of organizational effectiveness and operations management ● Proven work experience as Operations Manager in a manufacturing facility

NOTE: Does not need to have Cannabis experience, just needs to be comfortable working at a Cannabis company overseeing a team of up to 30 people

● Experience with Manufacturing ERP Systems, preferably Microsoft NAV Dynamics ○ Experience with Quality Management Systems and software ○ Experience budgeting and forecasting ○ Familiarity with business and financial principles ● Excellent organizational, communication & relationship skills ● Strong leader with employees, partners (vendors) and customers


● Responsible for the operations management of the team at our KASE facility ● Responsible to provide our Chief Scientific Officer with a clean facility that has well managed staff that can adhere to their jobs and respective SOP’s ● Making sure we don’t run out of money or break the rules ● Helping KASE effectively scale our team, hiring the right people and making them successful

Processes & organization:

● Improve operational management systems, processes, and best practices ● Maintain safe and healthy work environment by establishing, following and enforcing standards and procedures, complying with legal regulations ● Source materials, plan inventory and oversee warehouse efficiency ● Analyze process workflow, employee and space requirements and equipment layout; implement changes

Quality control:

● Ensure all aspects of our quality control procedures are followed with precision ● Recommend additional ways to improve throughout all aspects of the production process ● Support, coach & train staff on best-in-class quality control producers and measures

Inventory management:

● Maintain an updated production plan showing the weeks on hand of inventory and analyzing safety stock levels for all skus, packaging and consumables ● Ensure controls are established and followed to safeguard inventory and that quantities and values are accurately reported within the ERP system ● Maintain physical access controls to safeguard inventory and assets and ensure proper documentation is completed in the ERP before any physical inventory movement ● Ensure ERP system is reconciled on a daily basis with Metrc track and trace system Measurement (KPIs): ● Establish and monitor key performance indicators to ensure maximum utilization is being achieved ● Forecast requirements; preparing budgets; scheduling expenditures; analyze variances; initiate corrective actions

Leadership & relationships:

● Formulate strategic and operational objectives for the executive team ● Liaise with vendors and vet contacts & pricing models with support from CFO & CMO ● Communicate customer issues and devise ways of improving the customer experience, including resolving problems and complaints ● Recruit, train coach, discipline and inspire staff ● Keep up to date with best-in-class practices to drive added efficiencies

Physical Requirements


Senior manger desired with manufacturing experience.