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Bud tender - Durant, OK

Job Posted
Mar 25, 2021
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Time Commitment
Required Licenses
OK:Transporter Agent License
Company & Role Overview


We are looking for quality budtenders who know how to provide excellent customer service in an environment that deals with all age groups and all different ethnicities. We expect our budtenders to be as knowledgeable as possible about the products that they sell to our customers, which consists of staying on top of the different brands and products that we carry. Working at our dispensary is a growing process by the day, we learn about new ways to improve all the time, whether it consists of bringing new products into our store which our customers prefer or new ways to make our customer's experiences better.


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Working Environment

A place where people can come and get educated information about cannabis. To help make the right decision when it’s time to purchasing their medications.

About Organic Meds

Best dispensary ever!

Role Requirements


-Advising customers on suitable cannabis products based on their needs, preferences, budgets, and reactions to different strains of cannabis.

-Keeping abreast of new cannabis products on the market as well as the latest industry trends through trade shows and research.

-Checking customers' identification documents to verify that they are of legal age.

-Processing customers' payments using the dispensary's Point of Sale (POS) system.

-Educating customers on the safe use of their selected cannabis products.

-Ensuring that the dispensary is clean and well-organized at all times.

Physical Requirements

Checking In and Cashing out patient.


We want our Patients to feel as Comfortable as possible. Trying to help understand what their needs might be.


We will require that All employees go to a Cannabis seminar in person or online virtually.