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Community Outreach Coordinator - Manteca, CA

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Jan 21, 2022
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#AlphaLoners #WorkRemote. This is commission pay only/1099 filing. Part-Time, Full Time... flexible on your schedule.

  • Growth opportunities to help you further your career, your passion & your sense of purpose.
  • Remote work environment.
  • Appointments & demo’s through online appointments & at customer locations.
  • You must be 21 or older. ● Commission pay range is 21-50%. ● No inventory to purchase. ● Merchandise discounts available for team members.
  • Weekly live training is provided to help you reach all set goals easily & quickly.
  • A custom email address created for you.
  • Access to your own private dashboard, designed for team member success during: onboard training & ongoing daily/weekly team member support.


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Working Environment

1099 Independent Contractors work remote.

All sales persons are responsible to pay their own taxes & expenses, and you must establish your own hours of work.

You are not required to attend sales meetings, and you are not required to make reports.

  1. These guidelines help to define behavior in terms of the guests, to create a common baseline to interact with guests, and demonstrate the elements of your performance that perpetuate elements of courtesy… but in the Alpha Loner LLC Media Marketing, Business Incubators & Event Style.

  2. The guidelines communicate your contracted employee responsibilities, these are to make the company expectations for service delivery clear to new independent contract members, and they provide a basis for accountability.

As a 1099 independent contractor, you maintain the manner and means of selling the principal Alpha Loner LLC’s products, services & merchandise; all 1099 Independent Contractor’s maintain their own offices, belong to their own professional organizations, and attend trade shows on their own in effort to stay current with market exposure & trends. All expenses in displaying and selling the principal’s products, services & merchandise at these shows & through other exposure platforms are borne by the 1099 Independent Contractor.

Fulfilling the performance guidelines is required, failing to do so will enact appropriate measures to discipline or end the contract.

About Alpha Loner LLC

Take your raw talent, and refined expertise to create content for publishing through Alpha Loner LLC media marketing, business incubators and event promotions.

  • Alpha Loner LLC is currently accepting (Volunteer) & (1099 Contract ) Applications

#AlphaLoners #WorkRemote

If we partner, let's find better ways to support the community you serve.

  • Alpha Loner is here for those who strive to operate a business within California.

We strive to increase the reach of only the very best business's.

  • You are the Alpha Loner who feels like this is what you've been waiting for...

Shine bright here with us.

---> Email now to learn more about the process for becoming one of our official (volunteer) Community Outreach Contributors... OR YOU CAN ask about our (1099-Contract) Community Outreach Coordinators opportunities now.

This is all for supporting every person who feels unheard, but capable. Power, love and light to my fellow individuals who are also on the Autism spectrum. Sometimes it just takes a little help to get you started... right?

Role Requirements


---> 1099-Independent Contractor Responsibilities:

Provide creative ideas to help achieve our goals

Assist in event planning and administrative duties that events require

Evaluate and execute on the logistics and planning for events to increase the contact network database and make event sales conversions

Conduct ongoing market research to stay ahead of competitors

Keeps promotional digital & print material ready at all times for new lead networking

Source vendors to ensure best prices on wholesale goods, manage vendor relationships, and supervise print projects through successful completion

Sort through images, video and text content to identify those that embody the energy of our offerings

Be a point of contact for marketing requests

Attend local community events to promote media events, products, service & merchandise.

Comfortable managing multiple projects and contacts at one time

Outstanding email, phone call, phone text and video call communication skills

Provide prompt, accurate and friendly support

Physical Requirements

Examples of Successful Skills:

  • 50-100 Phone Calls Daily
  • 15-30 Quotes per Day
  • 5-8 Phone Call Check-Ins to Existing Customers
  • $2,000+ Gross Closed in Monthly Sales

Utilize all the free forms of ongoing education provided to you by your mentor Complete the new independent contractor onboarding Continue to participate in Alpha Loner training and motivation sessions

Performance Best Practice Guidelines for Guest Service

  1. Make eye contact & smile… even on the phone.
  2. Greet & welcome each & every guest… everywhere you go.
  3. Seek out guest contact… everywhere you go. 4.Provide immediate service recovery.
  4. Display appropriate body language at all times.
  5. Preserve the “magical professional” guest experience.
  6. Thank each & every guest… everywhere you go.


---> The Ideal Alpha Loner LLC 1099-Independent Contractor Qualities:

  • You are highly respected as a self-driven individual, with an entrepreneurial mindset, who seeks to utilize the full support offered by the Alpha Loner LLC company and leadership.

  • Understands your industry niches

  • Has Sales Expertise & Distributor Experience

  • Strong closing skills for handling Objections & Questions

  • Social Media & Tech Savvy to maintain REGULAR contact with your network database of contacts

  • Familiar With Placing Ads on Google & other Social Platforms

  • Has a professional database of Current Customers to call on

  • Committed to a full sales process of : Prospecting, Nurturing, Closing and Maintaining Business

  • You are committed to self-generated opportunities, and constantly look for new prospects

  • You have a strong desire to develop and grow your personal brand

  • You are detail oriented and well organized

  • You are trustworthy, dependable and use logical, ethical behavior

  • You have a desire to constantly learn, try and improve

  • You enjoy providing exceptional customer service 110% of the time

  • Show, share and sell with integrity and honesty 100% of the time

  • Excellent time management skills, and highly adaptable

  • Use Hubspot, or other CRM to track your pipeline and all progress

  • Highly creative individual who is able to still work with a team mindset and positive attitude

  • Willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done with great quality & completed on time

  • Able to work in a team environment, as well as able to work well on own


Recommended Tips for Success:

  1. Attend regular weekly training and motivation sessions.
  2. Establish your own baseline sales goals and timelines.
  3. Research new ideal networks, and participate in events to help grow your database of people & contact information.
  4. Continue to develop professional networking relationships with all people.
  5. Document your processes and their outcomes, for weekly analysis and feedback for growth.
  6. Create goals and research statistics and ratios to support hypothesis of desired outcome forecasts.
  7. Develop and follow a schedule of activities that best suits your personal & professional schedule.
  8. Consistent activity, ongoing education, and staying connected are the life blood to your success.