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Director of Cultivation - Peace Love & Cannabis - Oklahoma City, OK

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Aug 12, 2021
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High, there. Peace Love & Cannabis is a seeking a Director of Cultivation with a passion for producing superior medicinal marijuana for the state of Oklahoma. This person should have prior commercial experience and knowledge of indoor growing with no-till living soil.


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Working Environment

COMPENSATION: Salary Range: $55k+ Profit Sharing per harvest Full Health Benefits Vacation and PTO

About Peace Love & Cannabis

High, there.

Peace Love & Cannabis is a commercial grow and processing facility based in OKC; with a passion for disrupting the emerging marijuana industry. The focus is sourcing exotic genetics, utilization of organic soil cultivation, solventless processing, and vertical integration.

PLC rejects conventional society; while advocating love, peace and simple idealistic views.

Role Requirements


  • Oversee all flower and propagation rooms
  • Develop strategic cultivation plans and assign team responsibilities
  • Organize and document the daily process of transplanting, cloning, defoliation and trimming of plants
  • Ensure all growth requirements of plants are consistently met (lighting, soil PH, nutrients, etc.)
  • Lead maintenance operations (including disposing waste and preventing contaminations)
  • Diagnose and resolve plant health issues like mold, mildew or other infestations
  • Ensure all Oklahoma legal compliance of cultivation procedures are maintained
  • Hire, manage, and develop a superstar roster of direct reports

Physical Requirements

Must be 21+ with no violent crime or controlled substance felonies and able to pass additional background screening


  • Proven experience as a grower, preferably at a large scale; some management experience required
  • Knowledge of the entire cannabis growth cycle and requirements
  • Familiarity with environment protection practices and the marijuana legal framework in our area
  • Understanding of pest and disease management techniques
  • Willingness to continue learning about horticulture and cannabis farming, and stay on top of current and future trends
  • Problem-solving aptitude
  • Leadership and people management skills
  • Ability to meet the physical demands of the job


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