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Hash Washing Technician (Solventless Concentrate Extraction Tech) - Cannabis - Vernon, CA

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Nov 08, 2021
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A fast-growing Cannabis Processing, Manufacturing and Distribution Company is looking for hardworking and dependable Hash Washing Technicians (Solventless Concentrate Extraction Techs)for its facility in Vernon, California. Candidates with basic knowledge and understanding of the Cannabis Industry are preferred.

This is a fast-paced, challenging, hands-on position supporting the high-volume production of high quality cannabis products. We are looking for highly-skilled, talented, creative and innovative workers, preferably with experience in a similar capacity. The selected candidates must be able to fulfill production and market demands while complying with current industry regulations.

Job Type: Full-time.


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About Space Flyt

Space Flyt is a fast-growing Cannabis Processing, Manufacturing and Distribution Company presently based in Los Angeles, California.

Role Requirements


Responsible for accurately and effectively performing solventless, water hash production methods, while ensuring that both pre-production and post-production tasks are accomplished.

Tasked with keeping highly-accurate and detailed records throughout the production cycle, and maintaining equipment cleanliness and sanitation.

Ability to work in a low temperature environment throughout the duration of a shift.

Physical Requirements

Must be able to stand for long periods, leaning over and lifting production materials, and able to lift up to 50 lbs.

Comfortable in a fast-paced environment.


Must be age 21 or over - California residency with valid ID is required.

Must be legally authorized to work in the United States for any employer.

Experience in the cannabis industry preferred, particularly in a similar capacity.

Previous food assembly line, production experience preferred.

1-2 years relevant experience.

Must have a positive attitude, be a great team player and be open to constructive criticism.

Must be trustworthy, dependable and accountable for own actions.

Must be detail-oriented and able to time manage, multitask and organize.

Must be able to provide minor maintenance and adjustments to production equipment (basic trouble-shooting skills).


High School diploma or equivalent.